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How large a pond do I need for a Solar-Stream fountain?

You need a space at least as large as the fountain pump (5 inches wide and 7 inches deep). We have a 2 ft x 3 ft pool in one of our gardens and while the wind blows some of the water pulses away, the serve a good purpose - the surrounding garden is thriving! Just make sure in this case that there is an easy way to top up a small pool - for example, a nearby faucet, float valve or continuous input stream.

Will a Solar-Stream fountain help aerate my pond?

Yes - but we don't know how much yet. We are conducting experiments to find out how much oxygen in added - results coming soon!

How can I anchor the fountain in the location that I want it?

The reason that the fountain cable comes out in a "Y" is to ensure that the fountain floats vertically. Either tie a string and weight to the "Y", or just weigh the cable itself down in an appropriate location with a rock.
Can I run the fountain from AC power? An AC power supply is in development. Contact us for details and availability

The fountain has stopped working - what should I do?

In most cases, this is due to grit or plant matter jamming the piston.  Remove the fountain from the water and shake it.  You should be able to feel and hear the piston move.  If not, try tapping the bottom of the fountain with your hand.

If that does not work, unscrew the silver nozzle on top of the fountain pump, carefully remove the spring and valve ring and tap again on the fountain top.

A very stubborn blockage may require a gentle push with a thin object like a wooden skewer or a thin screwdriver.  Be careful not to scratch the cylinder walls when doing this.

If all else fails, please call Solar-Stream and we will do what we can to help you.

Can I lengthen the cable from PV panel to the fountain pump? Certainly - the pump draws very little electricity, so the cable can be lengthened to 100 ft or more with little problem. Just make sure that any joints left in the weather are well water-proofed.  A good way to do this is to use "but-splice" crimps to make the electrical connection, and then to waterproof everything using a mastic patch.  These are available from most hardware stores and electrical wholesalers.

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