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Fountain Kit (LJ-01 Pump & 3W Solar Panel)
Item Number: LJ-01K
Price: $149 + $10 shipping


The Solar Stream LJ-01 solar fountain pump provides a unique feature for any pond, garden pool, or business display.  Powered by a 3 Watt photovoltaic module, the fountain sends a stream of water 6 feet into the air several times a second.  The pump is a stainless steel cylinder 6 inches high and 3 inches in diameter. It fits into a 5 inch foam collar that allows the pump to float at the waters surface.  An 8 foot cord allows connection to the commercial grade 3 Watt photovoltaic module which is supplied with the kit.


These pumps have only one moving part – a free piston. Electricity from sunlight (from the PV module) charges a capacitor. When the capacitor voltage reaches a fixed level (about 16 Volts), an electronic switch feeds the capacitor energy into the pump coil which drives the piston, creating a pulse of water.  The more sunlight, the more pulses of water are delivered.  In full sun, the fountain operates about twice per second.

The fountain is held at the water's surface using a closed-cell foam float

Multiple Fountains

It is possible to run up to 6 fountains on one 12W solar module.  When connected together, the pumps are synchronized and all pulse together creating a spectacular display for high end water gardens and ponds, architectural features and business displays (what a way to draw customers!).


·       Unique, patented, German design

·       A beautiful kinetic water display

·       Pulse rate is proportional to sunlight

·       Pulses even in low-light conditions.

·       Low Cost

·       High reliability – will last for years

·       Pump is tolerant to silty and turbid water.

·       Rugged, reliable construction – brass, plastic and stainless steel (apart from piston, which is passivated steel).

·       Simple maintenance – a full range of spare parts is available.

·       Helps to aerate your pond, reducing algae growth.


·       Use only with fresh water – salt or brackish water will corrode the piston

·       Don’t let the pump run dry for extended periods – it will wear the piston and cylinder.

·       Don’t run with solar panels of greater wattage than specified (About 3-5W per fountain).

Home Fountain_FAQ Multiple Fountains

Home Fountain_FAQ Multiple Fountains

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