Solar Stream Pumps

Riparian Applications

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Solar-Stream has a new product that will change the way you think about solar energy and water. 

Many applications that require only a few gallons per day are a perfect use for small solar water pumps.

The Solar-Stream LJ-10 solar pump can pump up to 150 gallons per day and heads up to 30 feet using just one 12 Watt solar module.

The LJ-20 solar pump can pump up to 200 gallons per day and heads up to 50 feet using two 12 Watt solar modules. 

These pumps allow farmers to use land that lacks access to water and to protect rivers and ponds by keeping livestock out of riparian areas.

They are affordable, user-friendly and easy to install..

  • Portable the LJ-10 pump weighs only 20 pounds including PV module, controller, hose and cable.
  • Complete the pump kits include all items needed for installation including solar module(s).
  • Compact Pump diameter is only 2 inches, can fit into a 2 bore
  • Reliable Brass and stainless steel construction, only one main moving part, replaceable parts, easy to maintain & repair.
  • Can pump up to 50 ft vertically, and because of slow flow rates, hundreds of feet horizontally.
  • Inexpensive unlike larger solar pumps, the LJ-10 kit sells for $399, the LJ-20 kit for $499.

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